Tips for Long Haul Flights with Young Kids


Going on adventures with kids is a great opportunity to really get close and bond with your family. It is an experience that both of you will live to remember for the rest of your lives. However, it also comes with its share of challenges that could turn the whole trip into a nightmare if you do not know how cope with them. The following are tips to help you ensure safe and fun-packed long haul trips with young kids.

Know the Regulations and Charges for Traveling With Children

While it is not bad to travel with young kids, there are certain rules and charges that apply to such travelers. Those regulations vary from one airline to another. Sometimes, children can be allowed to travel free of charge but, there are also some airlines that will require you to pay when coming with your kids on a flight. International flights are usually very costly, so, if you are a budget traveler, it would be important to compare the rates from different airlines beforehand.

Pack Smart

Unlike adults that can adapt so fast, long haul trips are often overwhelming to young kids. Some of the basic items that you should never leave out when packing include wet wipes, snacks, games and one or two of their favorite toys, medicine, extra clothes and water. If there are things you can buy on the road, save the space. Be sure to also check the weight limits with your airline to avoid over-packing. Whatever you choose to pack for your trip, try to keep it simple. And, let each kid carry their own plane bag.

Keep the Kids Comfortable

Comfort can be hard to define, especially when you are on long distance flights. To keep young kids comfortable on the flight, make sure they are properly dressed and have the right seats with pillows. Besides, you should also try to keep them occupied whenever they are awake so they do not get bored. During stopovers, take short breaks to move around the airport with them so they stretch a bit before embarking on the flight.

Travelling with kids is a wonderful experience with lots of memories to cherish. With better preparation and the above tips, you can make yours the adventure of a lifetime.