Steps for Quitting Your Job to Travel with No Money


A grand friend of mine that owns Techy Ninjas, and when we met up this last time, he shared with me a long detailed story I wanted to share with you today, and he started with, sooooo, you’ve decided to quit your job and travel the world without money, but, how do you go about it? Here are the steps he shared with me that you have to follow when quitting your job to travel with no money. 

Identify Your Major Expenses 

Quitting your job means you will probably not have another source of income. As such, you should do away with your bills too. Therefore, identify your major expenses and get rid of them. These may include rent, utilities, student loan, food, and transportation expenses. 

Decide What Expenses You Can Get Rid Of 

Identify expenses that you can do away with by looking at your list. For instance, if you won’t be living in your house, you might not need to continue paying for utility. You can also rent out your space or talk to the landlord about breaking the lease without penalty. 

Decide What Expenses to Cut Down 

Some expenses can’t be eliminated. However, you can cut them down. For instance, you can call the student loans’ lender to find out whether they can reduce your monthly payment because you don’t have an income. You can also cut down on food and fun money. 

Choose Your Destination and How to Get There 

This is where the fun begins. Decide where you will travel to and the transport means to use. Since you’re traveling on a tight budget, choose the most affordable transport method. To save on accommodation, consider options like paid volunteering and hostels. 

Travel with No Money 

This is now the time to travel and explore the world. Decide when to leave and start enjoying the trip. Focus on having fun while away from home because that’s what travel should be largely about. 

Follow these steps if you wish to quit your job and travel with no money. Choose your destination and the things to do while there wisely to enjoy a satisfying travel experience.