Most Dangerous Destinations for Female Travelers


Based on the reports from the Travel Industry Association, females are now traveling more than ever. In 2019, they reported that about 32 million American women travel alone annually. The bad news is that such adventures could be very dangerous. Female travelers, especially those who travel solo are common victims of criminal acts such as muggings, kidnapping, rape, and other forms of abuse. The following are some of the most dangerous places for female travelers. 


Apart from the shaky political grounds in Iran, the Middle Eastern nation is also one of the worst culprits of violence and discrimination against women in the world. Similar to some Muslim nations, there are some places and even activities in Iran that women cannot engage in without their partners. 

Dominican Republic 

Although the Dominican Republic is among the most popular travel destinations for American travelers, it has recently made headlines for several mysterious killings. Besides, the safety of its streets is also quite questionable, which could mean greater risks to foreign visitors. 


India is ranked as one of the leading countries in the world in terms of gender inequality and violence against women by intimate partners. Further reports show an estimated 90% of raped women in India say the perpetrators are locals.  

South Africa 

The South African nation is reported to have the most number of cases of violence against women by non-partners. It is also a hotspot for homicides and, considered to be very dangerous for women to walk alone at night. Women travelers visiting South Africa should also be careful about driving or hiking alone. 


Russia is a great travel destination for adventure tours and nerve-wracking outdoor experiences. However, it is ranked some of the worst nations on the planet in terms of legal discrimination against women. 

Generally, all the travel destinations discussed above have different kinds of threats that would endanger the lives of female solo travelers. However, you can still have incredible adventures in those destinations if you plan your trip well and take all the necessary safety precautions for female travelers.