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Steps for Quitting Your Job to Travel with No Money


A grand friend of mine that owns Techy Ninjas, and when we met up this last time, he shared with me a long detailed story I wanted to share with you today, and he started with, sooooo, you’ve decided to quit your job and travel the world without money, but, how do you go about it? Here are the steps he shared with me that you have to follow when quitting your job to travel with no money. 

Identify Your Major Expenses 

Quitting your job means you will probably not have another source of income. As such, you should do away with your bills too. Therefore, identify your major expenses and get rid of them. These may include rent, utilities, student loan, food, and transportation expenses. 

Decide What Expenses You Can Get Rid Of 

Identify expenses that you can do away with by looking at your list. For instance, if you won’t be living in your house, you might not need to continue paying for utility. You can also rent out your space or talk to the landlord about breaking the lease without penalty. 

Decide What Expenses to Cut Down 

Some expenses can’t be eliminated. However, you can cut them down. For instance, you can call the student loans’ lender to find out whether they can reduce your monthly payment because you don’t have an income. You can also cut down on food and fun money. 

Choose Your Destination and How to Get There 

This is where the fun begins. Decide where you will travel to and the transport means to use. Since you’re traveling on a tight budget, choose the most affordable transport method. To save on accommodation, consider options like paid volunteering and hostels. 

Travel with No Money 

This is now the time to travel and explore the world. Decide when to leave and start enjoying the trip. Focus on having fun while away from home because that’s what travel should be largely about. 

Follow these steps if you wish to quit your job and travel with no money. Choose your destination and the things to do while there wisely to enjoy a satisfying travel experience. 

Most Dangerous Destinations for Female Travelers


Based on the reports from the Travel Industry Association, females are now traveling more than ever. In 2019, they reported that about 32 million American women travel alone annually. The bad news is that such adventures could be very dangerous. Female travelers, especially those who travel solo are common victims of criminal acts such as muggings, kidnapping, rape, and other forms of abuse. The following are some of the most dangerous places for female travelers. 


Apart from the shaky political grounds in Iran, the Middle Eastern nation is also one of the worst culprits of violence and discrimination against women in the world. Similar to some Muslim nations, there are some places and even activities in Iran that women cannot engage in without their partners. 

Dominican Republic 

Although the Dominican Republic is among the most popular travel destinations for American travelers, it has recently made headlines for several mysterious killings. Besides, the safety of its streets is also quite questionable, which could mean greater risks to foreign visitors. 


India is ranked as one of the leading countries in the world in terms of gender inequality and violence against women by intimate partners. Further reports show an estimated 90% of raped women in India say the perpetrators are locals.  

South Africa 

The South African nation is reported to have the most number of cases of violence against women by non-partners. It is also a hotspot for homicides and, considered to be very dangerous for women to walk alone at night. Women travelers visiting South Africa should also be careful about driving or hiking alone. 


Russia is a great travel destination for adventure tours and nerve-wracking outdoor experiences. However, it is ranked some of the worst nations on the planet in terms of legal discrimination against women. 

Generally, all the travel destinations discussed above have different kinds of threats that would endanger the lives of female solo travelers. However, you can still have incredible adventures in those destinations if you plan your trip well and take all the necessary safety precautions for female travelers. 

What Traveling Does to Your Brain


Many people travel the world because they desire to get out of their comfort zones and explore. However, financial constraints hinder some people from traveling. Others see travel as a waste of time. Well, truth is that traveling can improve your health and life in general. Here are some of the things that traveling does to your brain.

Busting Stress

Routines can be boring and stressful. Fresh air and new environments can make you a healthier person. Urbanization is one of the reasons why psychological health of many people is sinking. Doing the same thing and being in the same place for a long time leads to stress and eventual depression. When you travel, you switch the brain part that is responsible for inducing such ailments.

Traveling Boosts Creativity

Travel boosts problem-solving and creative skills. When you travel, you come across challenging situations that you are not used to back at home. This requires you to be creative and come up with innovative ways of overcoming them. Essentially, traveling compels your brain to come up with ways of finding solutions to difficult situations that you might not have found yourself in without traveling.

Traveling Strengthens You

Traveling helps you develop a better character. That’s because it exposes you to cross-cultural experiences with the potential to enhance your self-sense. When you travel, you acquire skills and ability to interact with people of different backgrounds. You get out of your comfort zone and learn new coping skills. This helps you develop a better character.

Travel Opens Your Mind

Traveling gives you a chance to enjoy new experiences and learn from other people. You learn how other people do things and their ways of life. Learning new things like language strengthens your brain by forming new neural connections. Thus, traveling can make your brain stronger and faster.

Traveling is generally beneficial to your brain. If you’ve not been traveling, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences by traveling more often.